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Date: 25.11.2020
Date of last news: 27.06.2019 08:07:52
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 Company news 28.08.2015 14:01:12
TELESTE-NEW CLIENT / Teleste Luminato headend to deliver premium entertainment experience for Shangri-La hotel guests in China
TURKU, FINLAND (MEDIA EXPRES) / 28 Aug 2015 / Teleste, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, announced 25 August, 2015, the deployment of its Teleste Luminato headend to the hotel Hefei Shangri-La in the province of Anhui in China.The solution is delivered by Shanghai OTEC Technology Co Ltd. and it enables providing international, multichannel TV services to the hotel customers.

The Teleste Luminato headend is the industry's most reliable and energy-efficient headend platform for cable TV and IPTV services. It captures live TV and radio content from satellite, terrestrial or cable sources and streams it to operators' networks for premium CATV, OTT and IPTV delivery.

The Teleste Luminato is globally adopted by operators who are looking for a reliable solution to provide TV and video content to the hospitality market including hotels, cruise ships and mining camps. The headend can deliver hundreds of channels from a single chassis. With easy configuration, an intuitive user interface and modular structure, the headend is also highly scalable to meet the demands of a growing business.

“We were looking for a solution that meets the hotel's demands for international, premium TV service delivery that even helps them exceed their guests' expectations of luxury services”, told Tang Wei, Sales Manager, OTEC. “We are confident that Teleste Luminato provides us with a headend solution that not only meets the requirements but also offers a future-proof option for improving services in the coming years.”

“Teleste aims at providing operators and service providers in the hospitality sector with reliable, easily harnessed options that help maximize both the value of investments and guest satisfaction. We are pleased to support our long-term partner Shanghai OTEC in providing their customer with a solution that best serves the expectations of both the hotel and its guests”, stated Hanno Narjus, SVP of Video and Broadband Solutions for Teleste.


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