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Date: 27.01.2021
Date of last news: 27.06.2019 08:07:52
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Advertising: 07.12.2018 13:07:27
VR SOFTWARE-PROMOTION / December VR Challenge: Share your holiday spirit for a chance to win one of the prizes worth more than € 1,700
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / 7 Dec 2018 / The VR solutions Mistika VR and Mocha Pro are launching a December VR Challenge, an International immersive photo and video contest open to the world-wide VR Community, participants having the chance to win licenses of Mistika VR Professional Edition and Mocha Pro 2019 with a total value of more than €1,700.
Advertising: 02.04.2013 23:07:07
RAC-PRESIDENT-CHANGE / Oana Cociasu is the new president of the Romanian Advertising Council
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / April 2, 2013 / Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) has chosen Wednesday, March 27, Oana Cociasu, Managing Partner of Medic One and representative of Lowe Lowe & Partners in RAC, as President of the organization, where it took over the presidency from Ecaterina Safarica, Communications Director Procter & Gamble Balkans, Turkey, the Caucasus and Israel, according to a release issued by the RAC.
Advertising: 22.03.2009 07:34:26
ADVERTISING-DECLINE / TV advertising falls by 20% in the first two months of 2009
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / March 11, 2009 / Seven of the biggest ten TV advertisers in Romania reported declines in the gross investments they made in the advertising sector in the first two months of this year, according to the information provided by reseach company Alfa Cont.
Advertising: 02.03.2009 15:31:30
RINGIER-COMPACT-CRISIS / Ringier closed the free newspaper Compact
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / February 28, 2009 / Media group Ringier Thursday announced all its employees that on Friday, the free newspaper Compact is closing down. In a press release, the Swiss company promises to assist the journalists that remained without job.
Advertising: 29.09.2008 15:04:28
MCC-ADVERTISING / The advertising market will grow by 22% in 2008
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 28, 2008 / The local advertising market will grow by 22% in 2008, overtaking Romania’s economic growth, according to a statement made by Delia Mucica, counselor for the Culture and Religious Affairs Ministry (MCC), during the French-Romanian Audio-Visual Days in Bucharest.
Advertising: 17.07.2008 13:53:14
SPORTS-ADVERTISING-INVESTMENTS / Over one million euro for the sports TV stations
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / July 17, 2008 / The launch of the new Romanian sports TV channel GSP TV makes the sports niche very disputed between the media groups in Romania, and also much more attractive for the advertising budgets.
Advertising: 30.05.2008 00:35:46
TVR-EURO-MONEY / TVR gets over €10,000 for an advertising clip broadcast during the Euro football games
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 29, 2008 / The advertising space for the European finals has been completely sold since January. The first place of the advertising space buyers is taken by the non-alcoholic beverages.
Advertising: 29.05.2008 22:53:12
MARCOVICI-BBDO / Nora Marcovici is BBDO’s new CEO
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 29, 2008 / Nora Marcovici (45) will take over the position of Executive Manager of the advertising group BBDO Romania, after managing, for six years, the radio division of SBS Broadcasting Media (the company that also owns Romanian generalist national channel Prima TV).
Advertising: 28.05.2008 16:10:24
SPLENDID-HALLMARK-SALES / Splendid Thematic sells advertising space for Hallmark and Movies 24
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 20, 2008 / NBC Universal Global Networks announced on May 19, that the media house Splendid Thematics, part of Splendid Media Group, was chosen to sell the advertising space of the TV channels Hallmark Channel and Movies24 in Romania. The Hallmark Channel and Movies24 are two of the channels NBC operates in Romania.
Advertising: 27.02.2008 14:59:59
DISCOVERY-CHANGES / Discovery Romania has a new target audience
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / February 22, 2008 / Discovery Romania announced the change of its target audience to people aged 18 to 49 years old. The channel also changed its sales strategy, including the cable and DTH owners among its clients.
Advertising: 01.02.2008 23:26:53
JETIX-SPLENDID MEDIA / Kids channel Jetix to be sold by Splendid Media in Romania
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / January 31, 2008 / Splendid Thematics, the niche TV channel division of the advertising sales house Splendid Media, is to sell the advertising space for the kids TV channel Jetix, starting January 28, according to an announcement made by Jetix Europe.
Advertising: 29.11.2007 17:14:51
ARBOMEDIA-TV - ARBOmedia will no longer sell advertising space for TV
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / November 29, 2007 / After the Jetix children’s television channel was taken over by Splendid Media from the ARBOmedia sales house portfolio, the latter decided to completely abandon selling advertising space for TV, both in Romania and other countries in which the company operates, according to information provided by the company's Communication Department.
Advertising: 20.11.2007 00:08:00
ANIMAX-SALES-START / Animax started selling advertising space
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / October 12, 2007 / The anime specialized TV channel Animax, which was launched in Romania in July 2007, started selling advertising space since the beginning of October, through the Romanian media agency Media Mall.
Advertising: 20.11.2007 00:06:10
LAZARESCU-VISENESCU-PROMOVARE / Cable Direct has two new Co-Managing Directors
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 5, 2007 / The Romanian media sales house Cable Direct has named two new Co-Managing Directors, Bogdan Lazarescu and Florin Visenescu, after the resignation of the former Managing Director, Vlad Tudosie.
Advertising: 05.08.2007 11:12:00
COMMUNICATION-PROMOTION / Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote spent over €104 million for media promotion
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES ) / August 3, 2007 / Mobile operators Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote invested over €104 million (rate card value) in the media promotion activities, in the first six months of 2007, according to AlfaCon
Advertising: 19.02.2007 05:53:00
NEWS-ADVERTISING / The Romanian radio and TV channels, allowed to mention brand names in news bulletins
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / February 8, 2007 / The Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA) announced the radio and TV stations licenced in Romania that they are now allowed to mention brand names during the news bulletins, whit
Advertising: 02.05.2006 16:36:00
MONITORING-ADVERTISING / The Romanian audiovisual authorities started monitoring the advertising on the foreign channels
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 3, 2006 / The Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA) decided, at the end of April, to monitor the advertising broadcast on the TV channels National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal
Advertising: 17.04.2006 10:29:00
ARBOmedia-InStoreTV-DEAL / ARBOmedia sells advertising space for the InStoreTV indoor advertising system
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / April 17, 2006 / ARBOmedia has been chosen as a media agency for the indoor service company Monopoly Media, which operates the InStoreTV service in Romania. The service, which has been present in
Advertising: 14.09.2005 20:25:00
NAC–COLGATE–INTERDICTION / The NAC banned the “Colgate” tooth-paste commercials with “specialists in oral hygiene”
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / Sept. 13, 2005/ The National Audiovisual Council disposed the stoppage of the “Colgate” tooth-paste TV commercials, on the basis of illegal terms usage (for instance: “specialists in or
Advertising: 15.08.2005 17:04:00
NAC-RTV-ADVERTISING / The NAC requests no advertising through the public broadcasters
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / August 12 2005 / Mr. Ralu Filip, chairman of the (Romanian) National Council of the Audiovisual, had suggested to the Chamber of Deputies, during a meeting which had taken place during the second part of


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