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Date: 19.06.2019
Date of last news: 03.06.2019 09:56:26
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Authorities: 13.01.2017 12:55:54
EAO-NEW LOGO / The European Audiovisual Observatory celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with a new look and a new Presidency – Poland
Strasbourg, France (EAO) / 13 January 2017 / The European Audiovisual Observatory, part of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, has launched the celebrations of its 25th anniversary this year. Kicking off with a brand new logo, the Observatory’s reports on the audiovisual industries in Europe, website and databases will all be given a radical re-design in the course of this year.
Authorities: 18.06.2013 09:49:09
CME-TIME WARNER-ACQUISITION / European Commission approves acquisition of Central European Media Enterprises by Time Warner
Brusseles (MEDIA EXPRES) / June 14, 2013 / The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of Central European Media Enterprises ("CME"), based in Bermuda, by Time Warner of the United States, according a press release.
Authorities: 24.03.2009 14:49:45
TELECOM-STRUCTURE / The Government reorganizes the telecom authority
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / March 24, 2009 / The former President of the IT&C General Inspectorate (IGCTI), Catalin Marinescu (45), was appointed by the Romanian Government as President of the ANARC (National Authority for the Administration and Regulation of Communications).
Authorities: 10.03.2009 13:55:27
CNA-FINES / The National Audiovisual Council harshened the fines for the infringements of the Audiovisual Law
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / March 10, 2009 / The members of the National Audiovisual Council (CNA) gave away 66% more sanctions in the first two months of 2009 compared to the same period of 2008, daily newspaper Adevarul reported.
Authorities: 12.01.2009 21:33:41
IT&C-OBJECTIVES-2009 / New IT&C Ministry objectives for 2009
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / January 12, 2009 / Romanian Communications Ministry priorities for 2009 include reorganizing the institution, interconnecting all the public institutions through a single IT interface, as well as reducing the gap between the rural and urban areas to the access to broadband Internet.
Authorities: 15.10.2008 17:43:07
CNA-MEMBERS / The Romanian Parliament voted the new members of the National Audiovisual Council
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / October 14, 2008 / The National Audiovisual Council (CNA) has three new members, who were validated on Tuesday, October 14, by the Romanian Parliament, and one reconfirmed member, Cristina Trepcea.
Authorities: 28.05.2008 16:00:15
TEODOREL-VICE-PRESIDENT / Radu Teodorel became Vice-president of the CNA
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 27, 2008 / Radu Teodorel, member of the Romanian National Audiovisual Council since 2003, was elected Vice-president of the Council by the other CNA members. He won against his competitor, Szasz Attila.
Authorities: 18.03.2008 12:24:25
GASPARIK-JOB-CNA / CNA Vicepresident quits the job
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / March 17, 2008 / The President of the Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA), Attila Gasparik, decided to quit the job he has at the CNA in order to take up the rector position at the Theatrical Arts University in Targu-Mures. According to the Romanian press agency Mediafax, his position at the Theater University would be valid for four years.
Authorities: 10.03.2008 12:17:31
ANRCTI-PLANS / ANRCTI unveils plans for 2008
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / February 27, 2008 / The National Communications and IT Authority (ANRCTI) publishind its plans for 2008 on its website.
Authorities: 20.11.2007 00:59:37
TV-RADIO-PUBLIC-BUDGETS / The Culture Commissions in the Romanian Parliament approved the 2008 budgets for the public TV and radio stations
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / November 17, 2007 / The Culture Commissions of the joint Chambers in the Romanian Parliament approved, at the end of October, unanimously, the budgets for 2008 for the Romanian public television and radio services, as well as for the Romanian Advertising Council.
Authorities: 20.11.2007 00:21:41
ELECTIONS-CAMPAIGN / The Romanian Government finances a campaign for the European Parliament elections
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 26, 2007 / The Romanian Government will allocate about 35,500 euros (1.2 million lei) for a radio and television campaign which is meant to inform the population about the European Parliament elections.
Authorities: 20.11.2007 00:20:05
POPESCU-CNA-PRESIDENT / Rasvan Popescu, named President of the National Audiovisual Council
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 12, 2007 / Rasvan Popescu, member of the Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA) since the year 2000, was named by Parliament vote President of the CNA, with 235 pro and 14 against.
Authorities: 24.05.2007 07:18:00
RALU FILIP-DEATH / President of the Audiovisual Council, Ralu Filip, died
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 23, 2007 / The President of the Romanian National Audiovisual Council, Ralu Filip, died the night 23 to 24 of May, in a Bucharest hospital, after he suffered a sudden heart attack. Filip, 47,
Authorities: 24.05.2007 07:18:00
RALU FILIP-DEATH / President of the Audiovisual Council, Ralu Filip, died
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 23, 2007 / The President of the Romanian National Audiovisual Council, Ralu Filip (47), died the night 23 to 24 of May, in a Bucharest hospital, after he suffered a sudden heart attack. Filip,
Authorities: 19.03.2007 12:04:00
FINES-OTV-CLOSE / The National Audiovisual Council intends to force TV channel OTV to shut down
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / March 13, 2007 / The Romanian National Audiovisual Council seems decided to shut down the TV channel OTV, asking the Romanian financial regulatory body to communicate whether the channel has paid his fin
Authorities: 10.01.2007 00:16:00
AUDIOVISUAL-CULTURE/ The Romanian Ministry of Culture will have an audiovisual department
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / January 9, 2006 / The Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affaires (MCC) will be reorganised and will include new departments, which will regard the funds administration, the public affairs and th
Authorities: 16.12.2006 06:16:00
EU-PHARE-FUNDS / European Union to finance the Romanian audiovisual market
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / December 12, 2006 / The European Commission Delegation (EC Delegation) in Romania launched, on December 12, 2006, a 1.4 million euros Phare project called “Strengthening the audiovisual sector in
Authorities: 31.10.2006 01:17:00
CNA-MEMBERS-PARLIAMENT / The Romanian Audiovisual Council sticks to 11 members
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / October 25, 2006 / The Culture Comission at the House of Lords rejected, on October 24, the proposal to modify the Romanian Audiovisual Law, which aimed at increasing the CNA members from 11 to 13, due t
Authorities: 28.09.2005 20:46:00
FREQUENCIES-CRISIS-COMMISSION/ A joint professional commission will analyze the currently existing frequencies\' crisis
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / Sept. 28, 2005/ A joint commission, composed of broadcasting-frequency specialists and jurists, from the National Council of Audiovisual (CNA), from the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society (SRR), from th
Authorities: 21.09.2005 09:36:00
FILIP- TICAU- ALLEGATIONS / The National Audiovisual Council accuses the Ministry for Communications of breaking the law
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 20, 2005 / Ralu Filip, chairman of the National Audiovisual Council (NAC), accused the Ministry for Communications and Information Technology (MCTI) of giving the public TV channel a TV frequen


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