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Date: 27.01.2021
Date of last news: 27.06.2019 08:07:52
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Radio: 06.09.2018 01:41:57
Visit Sound Devices @ IBC 2016 – Stand 8.B59!
Sound Devices is thrilled to exhibit our latest innovations in production audio and video equipment at IBC 2018! We'll be showcasing the highly portable, extremely versatile MixPre Series of audio recorders, mixers, and USB audio interfaces, along with new partner integrations—such as the one that allows us to offer onboard AMBEO to binaural decoding, needed to achieve a full spatial audio experience for virtual reality (VR) video production.
Radio: 22.08.2014 12:56:29
WORLDCAST SYSTEMS-IBC LAUNCH / Ecreso FM 300W Transmitter Set For IBC 2014 Launch
Bordeaux-Mérignac (France), Bucharest (Romania) (MEDIA EXPRES) / 22nd August 2014 - WorldCast Systems will be officially unveiling the new Ecreso FM 300W Transmitter at the IBC 2014 exhibition in Amsterdam.
Radio: 29.08.2013 22:39:07
INFO TRAFFIC-RADIO-DIGITAL / Live-Demo of First Digital Radio Traffic Service in Germany
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / August 29, 2013 / Mediamobile announced the launch of the first German national traffic and travel service on DAB+ digital radio, using the TPEG protocol, called V-Traffic Digital Radio Traffic Service, that will be presented on a Live-Demo in Hall 4.0 B23 during the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main, the 12-22 September, 2013, organized by the German Association of the Automotive Industry / Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA).
Radio: 24.03.2009 21:42:37
CLIR-SRR-ADVERTISING / Clir Media will manage the public radio stations’ advertising space
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / March 24, 2009 / The media agency Clir Media will manage the advertising space of the public radio stations starting April 2009, and until December 2011, according to a press release issued by the National Radio Company (SRR).
Radio: 02.03.2009 15:29:37
MIHAIU-GUERRILLA-DIRECTOR / Liviu Mihaiu returns to Radio Guerrilla as General Manager
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / February 26, 2009 / Journalist Liviu Mihaiu took over the position of General Manager of the Radio Guerrilla station starting March 1, 2009. The station is part of the Realitatea-Catavencu media group. Mihaiu will also host a show on the radio station.
Radio: 05.02.2009 13:43:36
RATINGS-RADIO / Kiss FM, higher than Europa FM in the urban areas
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / February 3, 2009 / The radio station Kiss FM, controlled by German media group ProSiebenSat.1, scored higher at ratings in the urban areas than the former leader, Europa FM, controlled by Lagardere group. The ratings were measured in the fall of 2008 by research firms IMAS - Marketing si Sondaje and Mercury Research.
Radio: 04.02.2009 11:23:25
SRR-ADVERTISING-AUCTION / The Romanian Radio Station will chose a media agency on February 9
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / January 26, 2009 / Public Romanian radio company, SRR, will communicate the winner of the auction regarding the administration of the advertising space on its channels on February 9, according to sources on the market.
Radio: 04.02.2009 11:22:06
NATIONAL FM-NETWORK / National FM to become a national radio network
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / January 27, 2009 / Romanian radio station National FM, owned by businessmen Viorel Micula and Ioan Micula, received the National Audiovisual Council’s support in becoming a national radio network, after the station proved it reaches over 60% of the Romanian population, through its 32 stations in the country. The percent is mentioned in the audiovisual legislation as the minimum coverage a local radio stations network needs in order to become a national network.
Radio: 03.02.2009 14:35:54
PETROM-EUROPA FM / Radio Europa FM will be rebroadcast in the Petrom gas stations
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / January 27, 2009 / The national radio station Europa FM will be broadcast in 352 of the Petrom gas stations, according to a request made by the marketing division of the gas company, and addressed to the Romanian Audiovisual Council.
Radio: 02.11.2008 20:46:31
KIDS-RADIO / Kids Radio, launched November 1
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / October 31, 2008 / The Romanian National Radio Company (SRR) launched a new radio channel on November 1st, according to the President of the company, Maria Toghina.
Radio: 19.10.2008 15:24:39
TOTAL-CHANGE-GOLDFM / Radio Total changes name and format
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / October 15, 2008 / Radio Total will change both its name – to GoldFM – and the musical format, starting this October, according to a press release issued by the group Realitatea Catavencu. The new radio channel will broadcast Oldies music, most of it from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘90s.
Radio: 18.09.2008 17:37:49
ZU FM-RADIO-LICENCE / Intact’s new radio station received an audiovisual license
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 11, 2008 / The Romanian National Audiovisual Council (CNA) decided to approve the audiovisual license request received from the Camina company, which is part of the Intact media group. The radio license will be used to operate the new radio station Radio ZU.
Radio: 10.09.2008 10:27:30
RADIO-BUSINESS / Romanian radio earnings in 2007
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 9, 2008 / The first three players on the Romanian radio market – groups SBS Broadcasting, Lagardere and MediaPro – had a total income of over €32 million in 2007, which is more than half the local radio market, estimated by the media network GroupM at €47.8 million in 2007.
Radio: 03.07.2008 16:46:45
BBC-ROMANIA-SHUT DOWN / BBC closes Romanian station
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / June 26, 2008 / BBC World Service decided to shut down the Romanian version of the BBC radio service, according to a press release issued by the radio channel. The station is expected to be literally closed on on August 1, 2008. BBC Romania presently broadcasts almost four hours a day and has its own website.
Radio: 29.05.2008 22:55:03
SBS-RADIO-CHANGE / Florin Ciobica was named chief of SBS’s radio division
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / May 23, 2008 / Florin Ciobica will hold, starting June 5, the position of General Manager at SBS Broadcasting Romania – Radio Division. He will be replacing Nora Marcovici, who had been leading the division for six years, and is now quitting the job in order to become President of the advertising group Graffiti BBDO, according to a press release issued by SBS.
Radio: 25.04.2008 11:58:48
CME-MEDIAPRO-RADIO / CME buys MediaPro’s radio assets
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / April 24, 2008 / Central European Media, the American media group which owns Romanian most watched TV channel, Pro TV, recently announced that it acquired the licenses for the two radio stations owned by Romanian businessman Adrian Sarbu, owner of the MediaPro group.
Radio: 06.12.2007 00:47:34
PUBLIC-RADIO-RATINGS / The Romanian public radio station, most listened radio in the country
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / December 3, 2007 / The Romanian public radio station, Radio Romania Actualitati, is still a ratings leader nationwide, according to a radio audience research performed by IMAS and Mercury Research.
Radio: 20.11.2007 00:16:14
LOCAL RADIO-ASSOCIATION / The local radio stations have an association
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / September 13, 2007 / Officials of the radio station West City Radio from Timisoara (the former Radio Vest) created the Romanian Local Radios Association (ANPRLR), a non-governmental organisation which aims to unite the radio stations "that have remained truly local", according to information inside the Association.
Radio: 20.11.2007 00:14:32
AUDIENCES-RADIO-AUCTION / IMAS and Mercury Reseach, reelected to measure the radio audiences untill 2011
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) /September 19, 2007 / The research institutes IMAS & Marketing si Sondaje and Mercury Reseach will measure the radio audiences in Romania between 2008 and 2011, according to a press release issued by the National Audiovisual Council (CNA).
Radio: 15.08.2007 02:17:00
ONE FM-LAUNCHING / SBS launched a new radio format: One FM
Bucharest (MEDIA EXPRES) / August 6, 2007 / A new SBS controlled radio station launched on the Romanian market on Saturday, August 6, in the seaside resort Mamaia, according to a press release issued by SBS Broadcasting. On


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